About Us


We're Bella & Jake, a spunky and mischievousĀ Shorkie,Ā and a loyal and very protective Portuguese Water Dog that keeps our owners real busy.

We love our family very much and we know they love us too. We make them smile a lot. One day, our parents had a great idea to find a way to make other people smile too.Ā That's when the idea of Dogstickers.co came to life.

With our stickers, you can bring your dog everywhere you go, even when we can't come with you. Our parents have our faces on their water bottles and laptops. They know we're always around.

We hope you love your stickers as much as we do. If not, your happiness is guaranteed and we'll make it right.

Make sure to sign up for emails so you can be theĀ firstĀ to know when we release new dog breed stickers. If you have a great idea for a new sticker, make sure to tell us!

Bella & JakeĀ šŸ¾

Bella and Jake dogs